Having transferred schools all her life, Chihiro Watanuki has never had any close friends. When she learns that her family will be settling into their new place for years to come, she’s intent on making friends at her new school. The first person she meets at school is Yuuji Yugami, who helps her find a spot in the school’s bike lot to park her bicycle. To her surprise, she’s put into the same class as Yugami and even ends up sitting next to him. Those thoughts are promptly dashed, as Chihiro quickly finds out how much of an oddball Yugami is. While he’s The Ace pitcher of the baseball club and is a good student to boot, he’s actually isolated by the rest of the class and doesn’t get along well with his teammates. Surprisingly, none of this fazes Yugami one bit because he has no intention of making friends. Despite being warned by her classmates to not associate with him, Chihiro constantly finds herself interacting with Yugami and quickly gets pulled into his weird life. As it turns out, even though he’s troublesome to deal with, Yugami ends up helping Chihiro along the way as she struggles to make friends.

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