They did get some attention in England as they got signed with the record label Virgin, with whom they released their first albums Legend and Unrest. They also worked and toured with a number of notable bands including Faust and Captain Beefheart; they recorded the live studio version of Tubular Bells with Mike Oldfield, and later merged with another Virgin avant pop trio, Slapp Happy, with whom they recorded two albums. The « Happy Cow » lineup also gave them one of their most prominent members who shaped the sound of the latter half of their discography: Dagmar Krause, a German singer whose extraordinary voice could be either sweet and pretty or astoundingly harsh and caustic. Until Krause became the singer the group had mostly played instrumental music, but they began to focus on songs with lyrics. The lyrics were generally written by Cutler and often espoused a leftist worldview, critical of commercialism and western society. (Notable examples are « Living in the Heart of the Beast » and « Beautiful as the Moon Terrible as an Army with Banners »).

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